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Our Method

The Dármaka Method seeks the transformation of each being and focuses on love, as the divine energy that allows the evolution of everything that exists.

   Dármaka Method

Our mission is to provide authentic life experiences to each human being who wishes to transform their lives receiving our accompaniment.

We have provided coaching and therapeutic services to people from 14 countries, with excellent results.

  What does the Dármaka community say?



Personalized training

Experienced coaches and therapists with skills to accompany processes of healing, transformation and fulfillment.


In continuous growth

By joining Dármaka, you enter a wide community of sentient beings from 14 countries.

  Significant learning

To activate your true potential

We offer you an authentic learning space, with multiple training programs, to improve your life in every way.

  Wisdom Resources

Expand your horizons

We have thousands of resources to broaden your research perspectives and guide you on your spiritual path, which is unique and unrepeatable.

   Differential factors

Get the best energy right now. We invite you to visit this website daily and enjoy the great content that we have compiled to support you in your personal transformation processes and awaken consciousness.

Self-therapy, Emotional Healing, Consciousness Awakening, Spiritual Prosperity, Spiritual Coaching & Co-Active Ontological Coaching.

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  • A. H. Almaas (Abdul Hameed Ali) (1944-)

    Kuwaiti American author and spiritual teacher who writes about and teaches an approach to spiritual development informed by modern psychology and therapy which he calls the Diamond Approach.

  • Barbara Marciniak (1952-)

    Barbara Marciniak is an author and spiritual teacher, known for her teachings on consciousness and human evolution.

  • Barbara Ann Brennan (1939-)

    Barbara Ann Brennan is an American author, spiritual healer, businesswoman and teacher working in the field of energy healing. In 2011, she was listed by the Watkins Review as the 94th most spiritually influential person in the world.

  • Baird T. Spalding

  • Ava Harrison

    Ava Harrison is an author and speaker in the field of spirituality and personal development.

  • Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

    Arthur Schopenhauer was a German philosopher and writer, known for his work on the philosophy of existentialism, morality, and art.

  • Arthur E. Powell (1851-1925)

    Scholar of Theosophy and Rosicrucian, known for his work in understanding spiritual principles and their application in everyday life.

  • Arnold Krumm Heller (1863-1920)

    Austrian psychologist and philosopher, known for his work in the study of the mind and human behavior.

  • Aristotle

    Aristotle is considered one of the greatest thinkers in history, known for his work in logic, metaphysics, ethics, politics, biology, and science.

  • Arielle Ford (1951-)

    Renowned bestselling author and relationship expert known for her work on personal development and mindful love.




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